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August 24, 2016

Best Set Up for Trout Fishing

Trout  are probably one of the easiest species of fish to catch in North America.  They’re stocked in lakes and rivers everywhere and you can use a big variety of bait and lures to catch them.  Even trout can be finicky and you’ll have to try some different set-ups before they start biting.  So what is the best set up for trout fishing?

The Tackle

When you’re fishing for trout try and use the lightest line you can get away with, trout actually have half decent vision and will be scared off by line that is too thick.  You can use an ultra light rod and reel with 2lb test line it’s more than enough for the average trout.

The Lures

You can use a variety of different lures including, spoons, plugs, spinners and jigs roughly 1”-3” in size.  Trout can be finicky so bring a couple of different lures with you, what worked yesterday may not work today.  Don’t be afraid to swap out the lures if one of them isn’t working for you.  Look around and if there are other people catching fish try and see what kind of lure they are using.

Spoons and spinners work very well for trout along with other types of game fish.  Silver and red or, green and yellow get the best strike from fish.  Cast to where the trout are, let it sink, twitch it every once in awhile and then let it sink again.  Working it back to you in that manner and then repeat again.

The Baits

If you’re going to bait your hook for trout you can go with a classic…worms.  You can choose a whole red worm or section off a piece of a nightcrawler and put them on a small baitholder hook.  You can use it with a bobber or attach a sliding sinker with the worm a foot or two away from it.  Move the bait every once in awhile to get some attention.

You can use artificial baits and for trout PowerBait is one of the most popular, it looks a lot like playdough and comes into a little plastic jar like playdough.  It comes in tons of different colors and you ask any fisherman and they will have their favourites.  All you need to do is mold some onto a small hook and put a small weigh a foot or more behind it, cast and let it float just off the bottom.

Best Set Up for Trout Fishing

Sometimes trout aren’t interested in any bait you have instead they are focused on insects.  You can see the trout rising to the surface and they will ignore anything else you dangle in front of them.  Fly fisherman thrive in this type of environment.  You can work around this if you’re not a fly fisherman, tie a small clear bobber to your line with a very light lead and a fly on the end.  Cast out with regular spinning gear and reel back in very slowly.

Creating the best set up for catching trout is fairly simple, trout fishing is pretty flexible when it comes to bait and lures.  Mostly it will be trial and error finding out what works for you

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