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August 27, 2016

Best Way to Catch Trout from a Boat

best way to catch trout from a boat

Trout are weird little fish, some claim they are the smartest fish out there and that’s why they are so tricky to catch.  First there are dozens of different species making it harder for the average angler to come up with a sure fire way to catch trout.  Trout can live in all kinds of

August 24, 2016

Best Set Up for Trout Fishing

Best Set Up for Trout Fishing

Trout  are probably one of the easiest species of fish to catch in North America.  They’re stocked in lakes and rivers everywhere and you can use a big variety of bait and lures to catch them.  Even trout can be finicky and you’ll have to try some different set-ups before they start biting.  So what